Sick of Green and Green Cuisine

When I saw this ad for Contessa Green Cuisine, I thought dear God, please let this be a joke. But it wasn’t a joke. It was real.

Here’s a list of some of the phrases from this ad:

  • takes less energy to prepare
  • comes from the world’s first green frozen-food manufacturing plant
  • the terminology of “Green” originates from the greenhouse effect (this isn’t even correct)
  • Global warming exists primarily because the world has abused its use of energy.
  • So why not choose food produced in a manufacturing plant that reduces its energy use?
  • Our objective is to be part of the solution—not the pollution.
  • Easy on the planet.

It’s like they went to Berkeley, read a few bumper stickers, and turned it into ad copy. If Contessa uses less energy, then good for them! But they should shut up about it, because they’re just adding to the noise of greenwashing.

Note to Contessa: I’m not going to buy your food products because you claim to be a great, green company who loves the Earth. I’m going to buy your food products if they taste good.

If Contessa cares so much about the environment, then why are they offering a chance to win a trip for 4 to the Fiji Islands? Doesn’t all that air travel cause global warming? By sponsoring this contest, isn’t Contessa really adding to global warming? How can they call themselves “easy on the planet,” when their contest is raising the temperature of the Earth, melting the glaciers, and killing all of the polar bears. Someone call Al Gore.

As a responsible company concerned with the fragile balance of greenhouse gasses, shouldn’t Contessa sponsor a contest that offers a chance to win a bicycle? Or maybe a windmill?


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