I Will Ignore Chevron










These are two ads for Chevron that ran in the November issue of Wired. They feature fake people proclaiming how they are going to save energy while looking at us with expressions of scorn and disdain.

Maybe Chevron thinks they’re hypnotizing me: “I will use less energy. I will use less energy. I will use less energy.”

The copy is gobbledygook that no one is ever going to read. It talks about all the great ways that Chevron is saving energy, a topic only slightly less interesting than reading about the composition of the slime secreted by the common garden snail.

I’m sure readers are dying to read about what a great and benevolent company Chevron is. Next to their logo are the words, “Human Energy,” as if to imply that Chevron really isn’t an oil company —it sells human energy, whatever that is.

The last bit of copy says:

Join us in one of the most important efforts of our time—using less.

Will you?

To which I reply:  No, thank you.


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