Marriott Springhill Suites: Hotel or Hospital?

The headline for this ad for Marriott Springhill Suites reads:

Wake up momentarily unaware you’re on business.

If this ad is any indication, you will wake up unaware you’re on business. You’ll think you were in a terrible accident and have woken up in a hospital room.

The copy claims that Springhill Suites is “a business hotel with style and color pouring from the walls.” But they illustrate this with a photo montage that shows a sterile white hotel room completely devoid of color—there’s not even a picture on the wall. The clinical photos look like they could be a hospital or a nursing home.

The only color comes from the little squares in the layout that the designer added because the ad needed some color.

The punch line to the joke are the words beneath the logo at the bottom of the page:

Space • Light • Inspiration

The photos are cropped so tightly they illustrate anything but space. The jumble of the photo montage against all the white space says cramped. And while the white space does suggest lightness, this ad is anything but inspired.

I’ve included the ad below for NEC because the two ads are so similar. Marriott’s ad agency managed to create an ad for a hotel that is essentially identical to an ad for hospital technology.


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