Honda’s Off-Key Stunt

The American economy has been going south for a long time. People are out of work. Banks are failing and the stock market is acting like a manic depressive. Things are bad.

But Honda Motor Co. found a great way to spend money. They cut special grooves into a stretch of road in Lancaster, California that played The William Tell Overture when Honda Civics drove over it. The idea was that people would create YouTube videos and Honda would get loads of free publicity. And that’s exactly what happened.

The other thing that happened is the noise royally pissed off the neighbors in the area, who were driven crazy after being forced to listen to the “music” over and over and over again. Eighteen days after Honda created this ridiculous publicity stunt, they had to pave it over.

Perhaps this journey into stupidity generated some buzz. But I doubt that it sent people running to Honda dealerships to buy Civics. You can bet the people of Lancaster aren’t going to be buying Hondas any time soon.


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