Trident Fails to Make a Splash

This ad for Trident Splash is like a bad dream that you just want to wake up from. Apparently, there’s a snack attack happening, and the way to survive a snack attack is to balance strangely on one leg while lifting a tricycle. I don’t know if the implication here is that the giant ice cream bar is afraid of tricycles, or that they are easily frightened by the sight of an insane person.

Either way, the only winner here is the magazine that collected money for running this ill-conceived ad.


2 responses to “Trident Fails to Make a Splash

  1. I like the woman in the background, with the classic “Why I never!” expression on her face. That expression is appropriate, if nothing else.

    The most interesting ad in this series is the one with a woman fighting off a giant chocolate bar, though. Interesting because she has her dog there, too, looking like it wants to attack. The dog fighting off a giant chocolate bar… I don’t know if it can end well for the poor dog in that ad.

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