Redline Princess: Finally, a Drink for Women

When I first looked at this ad for Redline Princess, I read: A NEW BREAKTHROUGH DESIGNED ESPECIALLY FOR WOMEN and then looked at the photo. Then I tried to figure out what the ad was for. Was it a skin cream? I had no idea.

Then I saw the smaller print: THE WORLD’S MOST EFFECTIVE ENERGY DRINK!

Oh, it’s a drink. Redline Princess sounds like it might be the name of a nail polish, or a phone from the 70’s. The name doesn’t say energy drink.

Then there’s the claim. Redline Princess claims to be the world’s most effective energy drink. Really? According to whom? And what exactly makes an energy drink “the most effective?” The most effective at doing what? This claim is so vague that it’s meaningless.

And how is this product “designed especially for women?” Does it react with female hormones in some special way? If a man drinks some by accident, will he grow breasts?

It seems that nowadays, a company can write an ad about their product and make whatever unsubstantiated claims they want, because they know that  the FTC isn’t going to hold them accountable. If you read an ad that makes specific claims, it might not be a bad idea to start out by assuming the claim is either a lie or an exaggeration.


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