Miller Genuine Draft 64: Who’s Counting?

Miller says: “You can almost count the calories on your fingers and toes.”

AdMonkey says: “This might be true if you’re really drunk and seeing double and you can’t count very well. 10 fingers + 10 toes = 20. Twenty is not almost sixty-four.”


One response to “Miller Genuine Draft 64: Who’s Counting?

  1. Just tried a Miller Genuine 64. Wow, this is lousy beer. Wait. It’s not even really beer, somehow…I’m sorry to say it, but almost no taste at all, and it literally tasted like a glass about a quarter-filled with regular Miller Geuine Draft and then topped off with water. No exaggeration. Why market something like this? If it sells, I’ll be amazed. Luckily I only bought one bottle!

    Any one of the non-alcoholic beers on the market is way, way better than this supposedly fully alcoholic beer. I mean, with flavor and everything.

    Is this actually a remarketing of what they called back in prohibition days “Near Beer”? Good Lord. Avoid it. Not even worth trying.