Bioré Gives You Unsubstantiated Claims

This ad for The Bioré Daily Recharging Collection contains unsubstantiated claims and a fudge (fudge is defined here as words that may be literally true that imply something that may not be true).


  1. Takes toxins out and puts nourishing ingredients in
    This seems incredible on its face. Here are questions to ask:

    • Which toxins does it take out, specifically?
    • How does it take toxins out?
    • Where in the body do these toxins come out? Do they ooze out through the pores?
    • Which nourishing ingredients does it put in?
  2. Cleans away impurities
    • Which impurities does it clean away?
    • What are impurities, anyway?
  3. Infuses skin with powerful antioxidants and vitamins
    • How are the antioxidants powerful?
    • What benefit will the consumer get by rubbing antioxidants on her face? Where is the proof?
    • What benefit is provided by rubbing viramins on the skin?


  • Makes your skin look and feel healthier and just 3 minutes
    It sounds like they’re saying that use of the product will make your skin healthier. But they’re only saying that your skin will look and feel healthier.

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