CBS Keeps it Under Wraps

Update: After I wrote this post, I read the rest of the magazine. CBS bought advertising all over the magazine. If readers don’t open this gatefold ad, they’re going to be exposed to plenty of other ads. In addition, CBS spent so much money on advertising in this issue of People that it doesn’t really matter if they spent extra on this gatefold ad.

This gatefold ad for CBS is part of the inside cover of People. The fold is on the left and you have to unfold the left page if you want to read the rest of the ad.

The problem is that I didn’t want to read the rest of the ad (I didn’t want to read any of the ad). I simply turned the page so I could read the magazine.

CBS is trumpeting their fall season as if it’s important. But it’s only really important to CBS. I can remember the days when a network announcing its fall season was a big deal, but with cable and the Internet, those days are long gone. Anyone remember VHS?

That aside, wouldn’t it have been better (and cheaper) to run a two-page ad where there’s some hope that people will see it than to run a four-page gatefold ad where the message can easily be ignored by the reader (who, let’s face is, is inundated by ads and is surely tired of them) by turning the page?


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