Morgan Stanley: A Word to the Wise

This ad for Morgan Stanley ran in Travel + Leisure. There’s a huge headline that says WORLD WISE, a beautiful ocean scene, and copy that no one’s going to stop to read. It’s some kind of travel ad, right?

Here are the first two sentences of the copy:

The U.S. received a “D” grade for its infrastructure conditions. Clearly, there’s an opportunity for improvement.

Oh. It’s an ad that’s somehow about the US infrastructure. But it looks like a travel ad.

The next sentence:

But did you know there may be an opportunity for you?

It’s not a travel ad. It’s not about the infrastructure. It’s about an opportunity for me. What kind of opportunity?

Your Morgan Stanley Financial Advisor can help determine how your portfolio might take part in the $1.6 trillion needed to improve conditions. To find the smart investments today, you need to be world wise.

Huh? It’s about investments? Talk about a disconnect. How is this ad going to sell investments?

Sure is a pretty picture, though.


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