Microsoft Recruits Jerry Seinfeld: What’s Up With That?

You’ve seen the TV commercials. The cool, young, and hip guy is Macintosh. The stodgy, corporate guy is Windows.

Because of that ad and the success of the iPod and iPhone, market share for Macs is increasing. Microsoft is worried, so they hired ad agency Crispin Porter & Bogusky to help. “We want you to make us look cool, young, and hip. You know, like Apple,” they said.

“Have no fear,” said CP&B. “for we are wizards. We can bring you back from the dead, just like we brought Orville Redenbacher back from the dead in those creepy commercials we created.”

So they thought and they thought. And they thought some more. Finally, they had an idea.

“Let’s get someone cool, young, and hip to be in our ads for Microsoft,” they said.

But who?

So they thought and they thought and one day these words rang out through the halls of CP&B: GET JERRY SEINFELD!”

After all, who is cooler, younger, and hipper than a 54-year-old who had a hit TV show that first aired 20 years ago, a show that has been off the air for 10 years?

And so an ad campaign was born. “We can pretend that Jerry and Bill Gates are buddies. It will be a hoot. Once people see Jerry and Bill together, they’ll stop buying Macs!”

Here’s the second installment of an ad campaign that cost a fortune and will most likely do nothing for Microsoft. This commercial is a takeoff of the TV show The Simple Life.

(Note: This clip is long, but not nearly as long as the two hours I spent on Thursday trying to get my laptop running Windows Vista to boot. It’s a good thing my other computer is a Mac. It just works.)


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