STYLE360 Needs a Complete 180

I found this ad for something called STYLE360 in American Photo. It features a large generic logo and lots of copy that doesn’t really say anything.

Here’s a sample of the copy:

STYLE360 has always explored the relationship between fashion and contemporary culture by pairing style trends with innovative brands—and 2008 promises to take this tradition to the next level.

I have no idea what this means and I don’t suppose anyone else does, either. It’s marketing talk. The people who created this ad have no idea who their reader is and how to communicate with her.

Click on the image above to read the rest of the copy. I can’t imagine how anyone could have created an ad that’s less compelling than this one. The images in the ad should give the reader a taste of what STYLE360 is about. Instead there’s just a big logo.

The people who produced this ad could have done something interesting and exciting. Instead, they were busy sleeping at their desks. I can almost hear them discussing the campaign: “I’ll just get Frank in graphic design to throw something together. It should only take him 10 minutes.”

Note: The veritcal streaks in the image are part of the ad—there’s nothing wrong with my scanner.


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