Rachel’s: Pomegranate Yogurt With A Sigh

This ad for Rachel’s Natural Yogurt prominently features an image of a flower on a spoon. The copy reads:

Ever wonder if there’s a flavor in yogurt that you haven’t tasted?

I can honestly answer this question with an emphatic no. The ad is now pointless.

The lessen here is that if you’re going to pose a question in your ad, it would be a good idea to be sure of the reader’s answer in advance.

Here’s a short list of questions that one can reasonably be sure the reader will answer affirmatively:

  • Ever wish you had more money?
  • Ever wish you didn’t have to die?
  • Ever wonder why Paris Hilton is famous?

I look at the photo and I think: They have yogurt that tastes like flowers? I keep reading and I learn that the flavor is pomegranate açaí. I know what a pomegranate is, but what’s an açaí?

If the flavor is pomegranate açaí, then what’s with the spoon flower?


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