The Breeze of Febreze Fails to Please

This half-page ad for Febreze has some major problems. The image is of a woman breathing in so deeply that the objects in the room are being sucked in toward her nose. It’s the same idea used in the old Maxell ad, shown below.

While the image in the Maxell ad is self-explanatory, the image in the Febreze ad is more diffiult to understand. The fact that the copy is small and difficult to read all but ensures that no one will ever read it. Likewise, the image of the product is too small and the label isn’t easy to read.

The end result is an ad that says nothing. The reader turns the page without ever knowing what was being advertised.


One response to “The Breeze of Febreze Fails to Please

  1. I guess the previous series–the ones with people obsessed with sniffing random objects that they just Febreezed–wasn’t doing well for the company. So they went with something that made less sense. And for some reason, figured the tiny image of Febreeze was perfect from the other series, so just carried it over to the new series.