Mucinex Sends Mucous Monsters Packing

Talking to consumers about mucous isn’t very interesting. The folks who manufacture Mucinex solved this problem by turning mucous into cartoon monsters.

This ad could have used a boring diagram that showed mucous causing sinus pressure. But representing mucous as funky monsters is much more memorable.


2 responses to “Mucinex Sends Mucous Monsters Packing

  1. but…the name! Doesn’t Mucinex sound like a company who sells Mucus?

    Why couldn’t the monsters be Sinus Monsters?

    The word itself, mucus, is just so creepy.

  2. Let’s face it, there just aren’t any good synonyms for “mucous.” “Phlegminex” probably wouldn’t win any product-naming awards.

    “Sinus” is too generic. It suggests anything from sinus pressure to sinus pain to sinus congestion. They’re trying to remove the creepy factor by injecting a little humor.