John Travolta Endorses Breitling’s Cult Object

The ad shows a photo of John Travolta wearing a leather jacket, looking into the camera with an odd expression on his face. Like me, he’s probably wondering what he’s doing in this ad.

The headline:


The copy tells us that John Travolta is a pilot, the number of aircraft he can fly, and that he “embodies the authentic spirit of aviation.”

I could question whether John Travolta’s profession is actually pilot. I could question exactly who this ad is supposed to appeal to. But what I really want to know about is the copy at the lower left:

Was this done purposely as some kind of joke or is it just an ironic coincidence? I mean, why would you use the word cult in an ad with John Travolta?


9 responses to “John Travolta Endorses Breitling’s Cult Object

  1. Martin Cardinel

    Where I can buy this jacket?

  2. Same question: Where can I buy the leather jacket that John Travolta is wearing in the ad? The jacket bears the Breitling Logo.

    • I sent an e-mail to Breitling asking about the jacket and this is what they said:

      “The jacket he wears was a special jacket and is not for sale. Breitling does not sell any collateral items.”

  3. The leather jacket that John Travolta is wearing in the ad must be the CWU-45 P Flight jacket made by Alpha Industries.More informations you may find in their site.

  4. Thanks for the information about the jacket. Here’s a link where you can buy one:

    Alpha® CWU 45 / P™ Leather Flight Jacket

  5. That is Not the same jacket, John’s has leather body with nylon arms, must be custom made, but totally cool!

  6. Breitling Fan

    I have this jacket, and it is indeed custom made by Alpha Industries for Breitling. The company gives them to certain Authorised Dealers in VERY limited numbers, to offer as gifts to their best clients. One needs to be extremely (a) well connected and (b) lucky to receive one! An almost identical jacket has just sold on the Bay for $1k…

  7. There is one of these jackets on e-bay in Brown for £500.00!

  8. Leo Noordzij

    I have one. Size xxl. The front is made of brown leather. Nice jacket very,very rare.