Brita: Too Many Bottles Spoil the Ad

This ad for Brita water filters has a compelling message, especially at a time when companies are falling over themselves to be green: One Brita filter can replace 300 bottles of water.

The problem with the ad is that it doesn’t grab the reader’s attention. The use of the pastel blue and low-contrast images gives the ad a flatness that just doesn’t draw the reader in. The bottles are too prominant and they form a pattern that starts to become abstract, to the point where the reader doesn’t read them as bottles. The Brita pitcher is not prominent enough. On top of everything else, the design doesn’t have a contemporary feel to it.

I do wonder about the message, though. You could use a Brita filter to replace bottles of water if you use bottles of water at home. But I don’t use my Brita pitcher as a substitute for bottles of water; I use it because it improves tap water. I buy bottles of water for use outside of the home.


One response to “Brita: Too Many Bottles Spoil the Ad

  1. i used to buy water bottles for when i went out too, but this used too much plastic bottles, so i got some stainless steel bottles from thermos. now i never buy bottled water, unless i’m out and i don’t have my thermos.
    on another note, i’m in italy and this concept of waste and plastic is like rocket science for italians. they don’t have filtered water and don’t like brita and so there is a ton of plastic waste. they are so backwards.