Axe Detailer: Selling Shower Toys for Older Boys

Once upon a time, loofahs were for women. Axe came up with a loofah that looks like a car tire and they’re marketing it to men as the Axe Detailer. Even the name sounds like something you do to a car.

Here’s the copy:

  • Washes a night with your ex-girlfriend off your chest.
  • Scrubs a night with your ex-babysitter off your toes.

If you’re a young man, you already know that nothing turns off a hot babe like the smell of last night’s hookup on your toes. That’s where the Axe Detailer comes in. Just step into the shower, reach for the bath toy in the shower, and wash off any residual stank.

She’ll be none the wiser, dude.


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