Can Sprint Appeal to Your Instinct?

This two page ad for the Samsung Instinct phone ran in Wired. Here’s my initial reaction to this ad:

  • Instinct is not a good name for a phone.
  • Sprint created a great-looking ad that’s a takeoff on a movie ad.
  • The line: NOW PLAYING ONLY ON THE NOW NETWORK doesn’t mean anything to me. I never heard of The Now Network. Saying that the Instinct is only on the Now Network says nothing to me.
  • Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to read the copy in a movie ad? Setting the copy in the same format is clever, but just as difficult to read.
  • The ad makes the phone look like an action-adventure hero. It’s wrapped in fire. It’s sexy. But it’s not an iPhone. Current Sprint customers may upgrade to this phone, but it’s not going to win over anyone looking to buy an iPhone.

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