GoToMeeting Sells Chainsaw Skills

The marketing people at GoToMeeting think they’ve created a clever and funny ad.

I don’t think so.

The ad has a generic and dated look. While good design is timeless, so is mediocre design.

The photo isn’t funny. Because it’s lit badly, the reader can’t tell what the woman is cutting with the chainsaw (it’s luggage). Without being able to see luggage, any hope of understanding the ad’s message is lost.

The headline:

GoToMeeting Benefit #27
More Time to Brush Up on Your Chainsaw Skills 

As in so many other ads I’ve reviewed here, the photo and headline don’t communicate the message to the reader. If you read all the copy, you begin to understand the message: GoToMeeting allows you to have virtual meetings on your computer, eliminating the need for travel.

What’s luggage doing in an office, anyway? If an employee has to catch a flight for a business trip, she’s either going to leave for the airport from home in the morning or she’s going to leave from the office. If she’s leaving from the office, her luggage will probably be in the trunk of her car.

In explaining the benefit, they’ve opted for funny and clever instead of giving the reader the benefit. They could have said:

GoToMeeting Benefit #27
Online Meetings Let You Do More and Travel Less

The photo could be a split image. On the left is a harried business traveler stuck in an airport looking at his watch. Outside the window, it’s raining with lightning. The other passengers in the waiting room are all asleep. On the right is a relaxed employee sitting at a desk, happily holding a leisurely business meeting. This image alone communicates the message: Why deal with business travel? The headline explains that online meetings let you stay in the office.

My headline and image explain the company’s message without the reader having to read any copy. Theirs says: Brush up on your chainsaw skills.



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