Toyota Sequoia Helps Time Travelers

Just when I thought I’d seen it all, Toyota comes along with this ad, as if to say, “Don’t be jaded. We will show you things you will not believe.”

I must admit, when I first saw this ad, I couldn’t make heads or tails of it. I spent about twenty-odd minutes (and they were odd minutes) studying the ad, trying to find the meaning. A strange glowing sphere, the headline:

Make Tuesday a Saturday.

Then it hit me. Time travel! Toyota is showing us that the Toyota Sequoia can be used to transport time machines.

The ad features two large photos, and then four small photos at the bottom of the page. We’ll read the images like a comic strip to try to decipher the meaning.

In the first photo, we see a glowing sphere in a field, throwing out what looks like sparks. The headline tips us off that this is a time machine.

In the second photo, some contemporary-looking humans are seen rolling the time machine. There’s something inside, maybe aliens, or time travelers, or alien time travelers. The humans rolling the time machine appear to be helping the time travelers. They look happy that the time travelers have arrived safely.

Then there’s some copy that reads, in part:

…Sequoia allows you to see a weekend where others see a weekday.

This is clearly a reference to the fact that the Toyota Sequoia can help move time machines, as we will see.

The next panel shows two time machines near a Toyota Sequoia. This is followed by an image of the Sequoia alone. It looks big enough for the job. The next panel shows the time machines in their deflated state, ready to be moved into the Sequoia for transport back to wherever one stores time machines. My guess is San Francisco. The last panel shows the time travelers and their helpers preparing to leave the scene.

There’s a subheadline that says:


I agree. Nothing about this ad is ordinary.


4 responses to “Toyota Sequoia Helps Time Travelers

  1. A favorite professor of mine use to say, “lower your predictability factor if you want to get noticed.”

    I’d say this ad does that!

    Keep creating…a brand worth raving about,

  2. Hi Mike,

    Getting noticed isn’t a bad thing, but does this ad sell cars?


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