Aveda Cosmetics

In this ad for Aveda, I see a model who looks slightly uncomfortable. She’s bent over, bracing herself with her left hand against her thigh. My eye starts at the model’s face, then moves down to her waist, lingers for a moment at her backside, slides down her thigh, and then sees this part of the headline:


I apologize for this in advance, but at this point, I’m thinking: What…did she fart?

Then I look and see windmills. Wind power…wind mills. Are they touting how they generate power?

Then it hits me like a revelation: She’s not farting! SHE’S POSING LIKE SHE’S A WINDMILL!

The angles in the model’s body mimic the windmill. Her hair is blowing like the blades of the windmill.

I revisit the headline:


In this ad, the Aveda company doesn’t say anything about their products. They just want to spread the word that they use wind power to generate electricity.

While it’s admirable that this company uses wind power, wouldn’t it be a better idea if the company touted the value of their products.

I can imagine a reader talking to her husband while looking at this ad in a magazine:

“Honey, it says here that Aveda is the first beauty company manufactured with 100% wind power. Let’s go to the store and buy some of whatever it is they make.”

“What do they make?”

“Let’s see…they say they’re a beauty company. And it says they’re a cosmetic manufacturer. That’s all I can find. Wait…I found some tiny print under the logo.”

“What’s it say?”

“I don’t know. It’s so small I can hardly read it. I think it says: The art and science of pure flower and plant essences.”

“Great. So what do they sell?”

“I don’t know. Essences.”


“And they use wind power.”

“What are we waiting for? We can be at the mall in fifteen minutes!”

To make this ad even weirder, there’s this line:


This ad is like a box of chocolates. You don’t know what you’re gonna get.


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