LG Decoy

How to Create a Bad Ad

  1. Take a product that’s not that big of a deal and hype it as if it was the greatest invention since..um…the light bulb.
  2. Make the headline difficult to read.
  3. Design your ad badly.

The hype here is in the headline:


What LG claims the world has been waiting for is a bluetooth headset that plugs into the phone to charge. This is probably handy for people who travel and don’t want the hassle of having to charge two different devices using two different chargers. But LG wants us to believe that the world has been waiting for their phone with the built-in bluetooth charger.

In fact, a device like this isn’t really a good idea for the following reasons:

  • If the headset breaks or gets lost, you’ll have to order a replacement from the manufacturer. This will  probably cost more than buying a bluetooth headset from the local discount electronics store.
  • If the headset breaks or gets lost, and the manufacturer stops making the phone, you’ll have to buy a new bluetooth headset that will have to be charged externally. I don’t know what the production life of a typical model of cell phone is, but a year seems about right.
  • If the phone breaks or you want to replace it, you’ll have to buy a new phone and a new bluetooth headset because you won’t have any way to charge the headset.
  • If you’ve had the phone for awhile and decide that you’re not happy with the headset, you’re basically stuck with it.

The fact that the ad’s headline is difficult to read all but assures that the reader will simply turn the page. Those who bother to read the headline will look below it, see a cell phone, think what’s the big deal about a cell phone? and then turn the page.

Four of the remaining five people who bother to read the copy will think: I already have a cell phone and a bluetooth headset. Gas is so freakin’ expensive that I can’t afford to buy anything new right now.

The one guy left who thinks this might be a great idea just went out and bought the new iPhone…which, after all, is what the world has been waiting for.


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