Fuze Green Tea

Fuze would like you to drink their green tea. They’ve decided that the way to do this is to tell you about their bottle. That’s right, their bottle is made of UNBREAKABLE GLASS!


Marketing the packaging probably won’t sell this product. I don’t know anyone who is going to run to the store to buy a drink because the manufacturer ran a full page ad extolling the virtues of the bottle it comes in.

At the bottom left of this ad, I found some indecipherable writing. Closer inspection yielded this:

I don’t know how much it cost Fuze to have People print this customized message. Was it worth it? Is this going to get me to go to the company’s “World Wide Web Internet page?” Why should I?

Here’s what the advertiser was hoping I would think:

Oh look, here’s an ad  for that great Fuze Green Tea. I love Fuze. Wow, it comes in an unbreakable glass bottle. Holy crap, how great is that? I have to buy some of that tea!  Hey, look at that…there’s a message on the ad WITH MY NAME ON IT! These guys know my name and they want me to go to their world wide web Internet page to learn more about their unbreakable glass bottle! Get me to the computer! I love these guys!

Reality check, anyone?


3 responses to “Fuze Green Tea

  1. Frustrated Consumer

    just curious, were you motivated at all to check out the url? if you haven’t done so already, I encourage you to do so now — then we can chat about just how broken this attempt really was.

  2. I checked out the URL. You’re right. I couldn’t believe it. Read my comments in tomorrow’s post (August 9th).

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