JELL-O Singles Pudding

Here’s an ad with an image that completely explains the product. Mix JELL-O Singles with milk and you have a single serving of pudding.

The headline is perfect:


The copy explains that JELL-O Pudding Singles is sugar free and 80 calories. Unfortunately, no one is going to read the copy, so the point about the product being for dieters is lost. That being said, this ad works better than about 99% of all the ads out there.

The truth is that most advertising agencies are clueless. The agency that created this ad for JELL-O Singles understands how to create an ad.


2 responses to “JELL-O Singles Pudding

  1. The ad is for original jello singles. They have 150 calories and 4% of your daily value of fat. Jello singles are also made light those of which have 80 calories

  2. If you click on the ad to pull up the large version, you can read the copy that says:

    “Introducing sugar free JELL-O Pudding Singles. An 80 calorie snack you make with fat free milk. Also available in regular.”

    This underscores my point that the intent of the copy is lost.