Sun Chips

Today, we have the good, the bad, and the ugly.

The Good
If nothing else, this ad has a headline that is readable and gets the message across:

Your heart does a lot for you. Shouldn’t you return the favor?

I get it. Eating Sun Chips is good for your heart.

The Bad & The Ugly
Following in the footsteps of the McDonald’s ad featuring Paul the Menunaire, this ad goes where good design fears to tread. Obviously there’s a cheap-looking design movement afoot that uses bad handwriting instead of professional fonts and features bad design as design.

All that scrawl fights for attention from the headline, which is where the message is. This isn’t helped by the overexposed, badly lit photo. If I had handed in a photo like this one when I was in art school, they would have kicked me out of class (actually, I did get kicked out of a class, but let’s not go there). It’s like a bad graphic designer got together with a bad photographer and decided to make the ugliest ad possible.

A Note
This isn’t a consumer blog, but it’s always a good thing to be truthful in your message. It’s debatable whether eating Sun Chips is actually doing anything good for your heart. The manufacturers know this, which is why the copy says:

Eating the whole grains in Sun Chips snacks is one way I may help to support a Healthy Heart.

The claim is that eating Sun Chips may support a healthy heart. Then again, it may not. With a total of 6 grams of fat, Sun Chips can’t be called a low fat food.


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