Allstate Insurance Agency

Copywriter and SEO professional Marc Librescu reviews today\'s ads.

When I ran across this ad, I thought it was for insurance. After all, Allstate sells insurance.

But the ad is actually trying to recruit people to become Allstate Agency Owners. You’d never know it unless you read the copy. If you’re like me, you won’t read the copy.

Allstate thinks that they’re so important that consumers will stop what they’re doing to read the copy.  Allstate is important to Allstate and Allstate is important to the ad agency that wrote this ad. So Allstate must be important to everyone—right?

If I asked you to make a list of the top 10,000 things that are imporant to you, chances are the Allstate Insurance Agency wouldn’t be on the list. Therefore, there’s no incentive for anyone to read the ad copy.

This ad plays off Allstate’s slogan: You’re in good hands. Allstate makes an attempt to link the hands theme with palm reading.

But here’s what the reader sees:

Your future in your hands: a hand: red dots: our hands can help: Allstate.

Then the reader turns the page.

To make it worse, the red dots on the hand look like some kind of disease—chicken pox, or maybe measles. This communicates (albeit unintentionally) ill-health and the result is revulsion.

This ad doesn’t deliver a message. I don’t believe that it will sell Allstate Agencies to anyone.


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