Brawny Paper Towels

Copywriter and SEO professional Marc Librescu reviews ads on AdMonkey.

In today’s installment of dogs selling paper products, we have a nice color photo of a dog who has just thrown up some kind of liquid or bile. Or maybe he’s just peed. It’s hard to tell.

Thank you, Brawny, for showing me a photo of dog mess and thinking that it’s going to make me buy your product. (Note to Brawny: it won’t.)

The headline:

Every dog has its off day.
That’s why there’s new softer, thicker Brawny.

Apparently no one passed out the memo over at Georgia-Pacific, manufacturers of Brawny, that dogs are he and she and not it. Just as you wouldn’t say, “My child hurt it’s knee,” it’s incorrect to use it when referring to a dog.

A dog is not an it.

Maybe they were trying to be gender neutral and wanted to avoid using he. But dogs aren’t gender neutral; they’re either male or female. If there was some confusion as to the sex of the dog in the ad, a quick check would solve the problem.

The ad should have read:

Every dog has his off day, or Every dog has her off day.

The next line says that the reason new Brawny is softer and thicker is to help you clean up a pet accident. I can understand the thicker part, but how exactly is a softer paper towel going to help me clean up a pet mess any better?

The first line of the copy reads: Making messes is how they learn.

I’ve had dogs. I’ve taught dogs and I’ve watched them learn. Making messes isn’t how dogs learn. Making messes is how dogs pee. Or barf. Or poop.


3 responses to “Brawny Paper Towels

  1. Elizabeth Swyryd

    Agreed, the Ad writer never learned English grammer: what pronouns are or how to use them. More importantly, Brawny paper towers labeled “SOFTER & THICKER” are absolutely USELESS. I was a loyal user until now. It is so soft it has no WET strength OR DRY STRENGTH! And now I’m stuck with 5 more rolls of this GOOD FOR NOTHING paper towers that mush up when you try to us them. I cannot express how disappointed I am with this Georgia Pacific product! When they have a good reputation, you would think they would try to live up to it; continue with a product that WORKS, that SELLS, that people LIKE.
    I’ve written them. Lets get the word out about their faux pas – both in pronouns AND this product altering move. /thanks

  2. Jane Hanrahan

    I, too, have been a faithful Brawny user for years and years. I was okay when they changed from the “blonde” guy to the tall, dark and handsome…disappointed…but then, that isn’t REALLY how the paper towels work. But the blanket of lint that now covers my kitchen, because of the ‘softer & thicker’ towels, is totally unacceptable. Since my use of paper towels rarely need to touch my nose or my bum…lets go back to “tougher & we mean it” paper towels. Lint free. Thanks for listening.

  3. Dogs are cute. Dog urine isn’t. An image that makes me want to quickly turn the page probably isn’t one an ad should use.