Kleenex Cottonelle Bath Tissue

Ad critiques from Los Angeles & Orange County copywriter Marc Librescu

Who doesn’t love puppies? And these are about the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen.

There’s no headline, only really small copy that no one is going to read. So we’re left with an inexplicable image. Puppies on stairs leading to toilet paper.

There’s no connection to anything logical here until you read the tiny print:

…if we had a puppy for every extra sheet, there’d be 100 of them!

They’re saying that their toilet paper has more sheets than the leading brand and each puppy in the ad represents a sheet of toilet paper.

So…I’m wiping my butt with puppies? Sorry, but no thanks.

I’ll point out but not comment on the slogan over the toilet paper that reads: Be kind to your behind in a box that has a little butt in the bottom right corner.



One response to “Kleenex Cottonelle Bath Tissue

  1. Wild guess on my part: we’re supposed to go “aww, puppies,” and be so enamoured with the puppies, we’ll just buy whatever they’re attached to. And if we love one puppy, we’ll love a hundred that many times more. I don’t think we’re *quite* that simple-minded, though.