Wishbone Bountifuls Salad Dressing

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Wow. This is a great ad.

The headline, Careful, It’s Loaded, works perfectly with the image of the bottle. You know exactly what they’re selling: salad dressing with lots of vegetables. The veggies are photographed (or retouched) so beautufully that you want to run out and buy some of this dressing.

They don’t need to say, “Our new Bountifuls come in four varieties,” because they show you the bottles at the bottom of the ad.

My only problem with this ad is the use of the word Careful in the headline because it’s negative. It’s supposed to be a clever play on words (think guns) but what is there to be careful about with salad dressing?


One response to “Wishbone Bountifuls Salad Dressing

  1. Good point. You expect the ad to come full circle with some connection to the headline, but it never does.